Custom Restaurant T-shirts for Chili’s has teamed up with one of the nations best fulfillment company’s to supply custom t-shirts for Chili’s Restaurants. Each month we print custom tees by the thousands for the fantastic employees of Chili’s. Consistancy is very important when it comes to colors and placement for such a recognizable brand. To make sure our colors are ‘spot on’ we always match custom colors with a Pantone book. A Pantone book is a universal book that has about a thousand colors to choose from. We highly recommend using a Pantone book for ink mixing accuracy since colors vary with computer monitors. We work with many different restaurants providing custom t-shirt fulfilment services, custom designs, as well as full retail packages… including t-shirts, beanies, custom sweatshirts, caps, custom bandanas, custom polo shirts and many more products. If you’re looking to stock your restaurant or store with top quality retail products email us today!

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